Monday, July 14, 2008

Generate Your Dynamic Report Through Reporting Service

I have posted some articles on reporting service. Here is a sample project which will generate report dynamically. It is having an interface where you select the database in a DDL then a table or view from the selected DB and select some columns for details and group of the report. Then it will generate the report RDL and publish it to your report server. If you want to select from multiple tables with joining, you can do that also by giving your custom query.
Here are some setting which you will have to change to run the project like
string serverName = "localhost"; //The server where the report will be published.
string reportVirtualPath = "LocalReportServer"; //The virual directory path of the reportserver
string parentFolder = "QuoteReports"; //The folder where the reports will be published.
Here i am using some AppSettings val in web.config. Change those according your local settings. But in "MasterConStr" the 'Initial Catalog' value should be 'master' because this connection string is used for fetching data about DBs.
Add the web reference of the reporting service to your ptoject. You may have to change the "RSLocal.ReportService2005" AppSettings value.
Here is the link of the project
Here i am using sql express repoting service and my report server and database is in dame machine. If you have the Report server installed in other machine than the Database you may have some problem with the DataSource. For that pls refer to my other post Use stored credential for report created by c# code.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Use PageRequestManager To Trigger Javascript for Asynchronous Postback

In my last post Send Balk Data(Datatable) From Child Window To Parent
i explained how we can send bulk data from child window to parent. But if we are using Asp.Net ajax in client page i.e the postback is caused asynchronously, then we can't use the RegisterStartUpScript to call the javascript function. But instead we have to use the Microsoft's Ajax javascript framework. I did this with the use of PageRequestManager JS Class as follows

var postBackThroughAdd = false;
function addRequestManager()
var reqMgr=Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance();
//Do something before the call begins
if (args.get_error() == undefined)//Checks there is no error
postBackThroughAdd = false;
//Function to trigger the parent postback and flag set and close the page

Variable postBackThroughAdd is a flag variable, which is set "true" when the button for which we want to send the data to parent is clicked. The code is like

<asp:Button ID="btnAddPartNoToCatalog" runat="server" Text="Add" CssClass="formButton"OnCommand="btnAddPartNoToCatalog_Command" OnClientClick="postBackThroughAdd = true;" />

Here if any error occurs while setting the data in session through server event btnAddPartNoToCatalog_Command, i am simply throughing the error with some userfriendly message. The message will be shown in JS message box and args.get_error() will not be undefined. So the function addToquote() will not be called.
Note: addRequestManager() function should be called on bodyload so that the JS events are registered before they fires actully. With the help of PageRequestManager class you can do some other tasks like showing some message in div after some action has succeeded of failed, show/hide loading... div without using UpdateProgress but same functionality(In the beginRequest handler, set the div's "display" property to "block" and int endRequest hander display to "none").

Friday, July 4, 2008

Send Balk Data(Datatable) From Child Window To Parent

Currently in one of my .aspx page i was selecting some information from a child window which is opened from a parent window. I opened the window like'PartNoLookup.aspx','PartNo','left=150, top=60,width=800,height=600, toolbar=no, status=1,scrollbars=yes,resizable=no,dependent=yes');
Some PartNos with their information was selected by the child "PartNoLookup.aspx" page. Now i have to send the part nos to the parent page to be displayed. My parent page was NewQuote.aspx.
Now the problem arises if it was a small value then i could do it with
window.opener.document.getelementById('parentCtrlId').value='Some Value'
But as it was a bulk datatable i can't send it like that.
I stored the DataTable in Session["PartNo"] from the child page. And placed a hidden field "hidFlag" (not with runat='server'. this should be a html hiddenfield) in the Parent Page (i.e. NewQuote.aspx). And wrote some javascript with the Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript like
Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(typeof(string), "", "refreshParentAndClose();", true);
And inside childpage (PartNoLookup.aspx) i added the JS function refreshParentAndClose() as
function refreshParentAndClose()
So this function will set the flag in the parent a also submit the page.
Here as the page is postback by some unconventional way, only the PageLoad,PreRender and some processing cycle events will fire in the parent. So i have to check for the flag inside tha Load() event. So i added the checking code in Page_LoadCode as
string flag=Request.Form["hidFlag"];
case "checksession":
//Check the session and show inside the page.

Note:Put the hidden field as Html hidden, not with runat=server coz, if you set it server variable then change by the javascript will no be visible as it will be restored from the viewstate. y JavaScript we are changing the value not the stored value inside Encripted ViewState. Also if you use server Hidden field the clientid may not be same as server id. So setting it from child page will be problemetic (but not impossible).