Monday, July 14, 2008

Generate Your Dynamic Report Through Reporting Service

I have posted some articles on reporting service. Here is a sample project which will generate report dynamically. It is having an interface where you select the database in a DDL then a table or view from the selected DB and select some columns for details and group of the report. Then it will generate the report RDL and publish it to your report server. If you want to select from multiple tables with joining, you can do that also by giving your custom query.
Here are some setting which you will have to change to run the project like
string serverName = "localhost"; //The server where the report will be published.
string reportVirtualPath = "LocalReportServer"; //The virual directory path of the reportserver
string parentFolder = "QuoteReports"; //The folder where the reports will be published.
Here i am using some AppSettings val in web.config. Change those according your local settings. But in "MasterConStr" the 'Initial Catalog' value should be 'master' because this connection string is used for fetching data about DBs.
Add the web reference of the reporting service to your ptoject. You may have to change the "RSLocal.ReportService2005" AppSettings value.
Here is the link of the project
Here i am using sql express repoting service and my report server and database is in dame machine. If you have the Report server installed in other machine than the Database you may have some problem with the DataSource. For that pls refer to my other post Use stored credential for report created by c# code.

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Tanmaya Kulkarni said...

Hi, am looking for a similar solution in my application. I tried to download the source code, but site says it has been deleted. Could you make it available once again please?

Thanks in advance